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StealthGenie Coupon Code

StealthGenie is one of the most powerful cell phone spy software products you will find.  Use my StealthGenie Coupon Code – Genie to get an instant discount on your order.

               StealthGenie Coupon Code – Genie

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What can you do with StealthGenie?

  • Record Cell Phone Calls
  • View Mobile Call History
  • Live Cell Phone Call Intercept
  • View SMS Text Messages and SMS Monitoring
  • Redirect text messages
  • Intercept text messages
  • Track GPS Cell Phone Location in Real Time
  • View Cell Phone Location History
  • View Cell Phone GPS Travel Route
  • Remotely view all Emails sent and received from the mobile phone
  • Remotely record iMessage Chats
  • Remotely record WhatsApp Chats
  • Remotely record BBM Chats
  • Remotely record Gtalk Chats
  • Full Remote Access to all Photos stored on the phone
  • Remote Access to all Videos stored on the phone
  • View websites visited
  • Remotely view phonebook
  • View appointment schedule
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Listen to LIVE phone surroundings
  • SIM Card Change Notification
  • Wipe the phone
  • Many, many more features………

If you want to get a discount on your StealthGenie order, just use our StealthGenie Coupon Code - genie on the order page to view your discount!

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Spying Apps - Catch Cheaters Fast Using Spy Software

There are Ways to Catch Cheaters - Spy on them with Powerful Cheater Apps

If you are one of the naïve who think that there’s no way your spouse would cheat – think again – and think about using spying apps to catch them! You can catch cheaters fast using technology as a powerful tracking tool.

If your spouse is acting suspicious and you’ve got a gut feeling that something’s going on, you’re probably on to something and shouldn’t ignore those feelings.

Check out these alarming statistics to see why you shouldn’t ignore your suspicions:

• 30%-60% of married people will engage in infidelity some time during their relationship

• 2%-3% of all children come from infidelity and affairs

• Men are more likely to cheat than women, but high-earning woman are almost as likely to cheat

• Infidelity goes unchecked and undiscovered in most cases

• Technology (internet, text, email and social media) is making it easier to cheat

Here are some signs you may need to invest in spy apps such as Spy Bubble to keep tabs on what may be a cheating spouse:

• Excessive showering

• Impossible to get ahold of during lunch breaks, after work, on weekends when they should be home

• Acting differently around other people – overly attentive, animated, giggly

• Hiding wallet, cell phone, keeping car locked and keys hidden

• Late from work or finds excuses to go out alone on the weekend or evenings

• Texts from names you don’t recognize or texting in secret or deleting text logs

• Changing computer passwords

• Hiding computer or cell phone when you come in the room

Catch Cheater AppsYou shouldn’t ignore red flags like these – ever! It’s extremely easy to install a spying app on your spouse or lover’s cell phone and then you can get to work catching the cheater! Here are some of the ways spying apps such as Spy Bubble can help you catch a cheater fast:

• Spying apps for Blackberry and other devices allow you to read all text messages (in or out) even if they’ve been deleted!

• Spying apps for Android and other devices allow you to see all contacts on the phone and see all call logs for calls (in or out) even if they’ve been deleted

• Spying apps for iPhone and other devices can allow you to listen in on phone calls as they are happening

• Spy apps can let you review the URL and browser history even if the history has been cleared

Using these powerful tools, you can easily catch the cheater red-handed and confront him with the hard truths you’ve discovered. With the evidence you can gather, there’s no way they can deny what they’ve been doing. This puts you in control of the situation, no matter what they’ve been up to.

If you think you’re living with a cheater, using spying apps will give you the information you need to shut it down fast!


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Mobile Phone Tracker App

Mobile phones using a mobile phone tracker app have two distinct and related advantages for businesses; this is especially true for businessess with mobile crews or employees who work remotely. You can stay in constant communication with the mobile phone; you can also use a cell phone tracker to know where your employees are during the work day. Why would you want both of these advantages?

Why Use Cell Phone Tracking

When you have employees or crews who are mainly away from your base of operation, they are likely to have cell phones for communication. The fastest way to locate the employee is the locate a cell phone. But you may not always want the employees to konw you are tracking where they are. This is where a mobile phone tracker app comes in handy. If you download the app onto each of your company phones you can track phone locations as well as phone use.

Employees sent out on the road are usually sent with a predetermined route or destination in mind by the employer. Either certain stops or a specific job is assigned that day. Using a mobile tracker app allows you to see if your employee is where they should be at a certain time. It also allows you to see if they are using company vehicles for personal trips which can cost you in maintenance and fuel; this can also increase potential liability problems with insurance carriers.

Employees with access to company phones may use the phone during work hours for non-work issues. This becomes a waste of resources and increases costs. Employees who have access to phones may also be sending information about your company to others via social networks, emails, texting or calls. This becomes a double problem for employers in certain industries or markets.

Using Cell Phone GPS Tracking

Some apps such as Mobile Spy and Flexispy can create boundaries on a map. With the map you can use the mobile phone tracker app as a cell phone locator. When the phone moves you are aware of it. Certain apps such as MobileStealth provide updates every 30 minutes to locations. You can also arrange to be notified via SMS or email should a phone move outside a given boundary. This is effective for knowing if an employee leaves a work site, or causes excess travel expenses due to being someplace else on company time. Another use is to keep timed logs of locations. This enables you to verify how long employees were at a given location.

Other Employer Advantages

Another advantage of a mobile phone tracker app is its use as a cell phone spy. Employers don’t always have the luxery of checking up on employees in the field; having a tracking device on the mobile phone allows you to track employee movements and monitor communications. Tracker software allows access to text messages, emails and monitor calls depending on the software. You can have detailed logs downloaded categorized to specific time frames, numbers or locations for reference.

If you are an employer with a work force that leaves the office or works outside of visual range, you want to consider this type of software. Using a mobile phone tracker app on each cell phone may save you resources and income while increasing productivity and reliability.


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 How to Locate a Cell Phone

cell phone locator softwareYou can locate a cell phone by via Global Positioning System (GPS) either by a service such as Google Latitude, or a paid provider such as Spy Bubble. An example of a universal GPS is Google Earth. You enter any address, longitude and latitude or maybe a general geographic area and the GPS provides a visual identification of the area. GPS uses satellites so the service is never completely free. Usually the service providers are renting use on the satellite in tandem with other service providers to the satellite owner.

The Free Cell Phone Tracking Myth

Contrary to the belief that anything can be found for free online, the ability to locate a cell phone using cell phone tracking isn’t one of them. You can locate a cell phone position using an LBS (Location Based System), or with paid spy software. Cell phone tracking is not the same as trying to locate a phone with GPS.

Locate a Cell Phone Position Free Online

The only method suitable to trace a cell phone location doesn’t involve any app used to locate a cell phone using cell phone tracking. Location-based systems (LBS) are online generated location points used to locate a cell phone. These are the closest you will come to free services; you will also be hit with ads, malware and marketers potentially compromising your phone and computer. You cannot track a cell phone other than your own; and the degree of accuracy is much lower than using a cell phone tracking app.

The better option is by using spy software to locate a cell phone. You can acquire the software from various providers for various prices depending on what you want. Basic location and tracking costs the average of a days pay at minimum wage per month; these days that’s pretty low. What can you do with the basic tracking app? capture and trace text messages and emails create logs to define times, dates, specific numbers or addresses for both incoming and outgoing messages download information directly from the phone to where you are via an online user interface use GPS to pinpoint the exact location of the monitored phone and be notified should it move

cell phone positionUsing a Smartphone as a Spy Phone Here’s where it gets fun. You can locate a cell phone location from anywhere using a smartphone as a spy phone. You need the following for this to work: the phone being monitored the spy app to be downloaded onto the monitored phone a service provider to supply the app the user account to gain access to the service provider the user interface provided by the service provider a smartphone such as an Android

Get hold of the required phones for roughly five minutes. Get online with your smartphone using your chosen browser. Go to your chosen service provider (MobiStealth and FlexiSpy are two good ones) and set up your account; this gives you the user name and password as well as access to the user interface. Download the tracking app to the phone to be monitored. Set up the parameters you want to track and you are set to locate a cell phone using cell phone tracking.


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Learn how to track an iphone

 iPhone Spy Software will Monitor their Every Move You’re looking for an iPhone tracking app to track an iPhone you may have. There are several cell phone trackers you can choose from. There are also many reasons you may want to install iPhone 4 tracking software. You can use this to track down a lost or stolen phone. It can also be used to spy on significant others, children or employees. A few options for tracking iPhones are Stealth Genie, Mobile Spy and Mobistealth. iPhone Spy Software Features Before you search for the best iPhone tracking app, you will need to determine which features are most important for you. If […]

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How to Catch your Husband Cheating on His Cell Phone

Powerful Spy Software that Catches Cheaters Every suspecting wife in the world wonders how to catch her husband cheating, we have the answer! Cell phones are the main way husband’s cheat without getting caught today. You can catch your cheater by using mobile phone cheating apps, and cell phone tracking devices. It’s that simple. There’s no reason for you to be sitting at home on Friday night, alone wondering where your husband is! Cell phone tracking is discreet and simple. Most cell phones have GPS chips in them. From a cell phone company point of view, it’s for safety reasons, from a spouse’s point of view it’s for satisfaction. There […]

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employee cell phone monitoring software

Learn How to Monitor your Employees with Spy Software If you are going to put someone on payroll and trust him or her to take on workplace responsibilities, then you are going to need some employee phone spy software to make sure they are doing their job. If the effectiveness of your office workflow is at stake, then you simply cannot afford to pass up the advantages of employee spy software. Most times, what stands between a manager and his effective employee management is a lack of the proper know-how and information concerning employee phone spy software. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the programs: What is it? This […]

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cheating boyfriend app

Cheater Apps are Here to Stay Trying to catch your boyfriend cheating? It’s those instincts inside of you that make you notice that he’s acting differently. You feel like he doesn’t care as much, or isn’t paying enough attention to you? Have you had him come over smelling like another woman’s perfume? It’s painful, and it’s hard but you can catch your boyfriend cheating without him ever knowing you’re trying. You’ve wasted enough time worrying and now you can take the steps towards knowing for sure.   The fastest way to find out if he is cheating is to monitor his cell phone.  Cheating using Cell Phones If you have a […]

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