iPhone Tracking How to Track an iPhone

iPhone Tracking Applications

If you want to know how to track an iPhone you can use an app to track the iPhone. iPhone tracking apps include various software ranging from basic alerts when a phone moves to more sophisticated technology allowing you to listen in on calls and surroundings to pinpoint the area and the potential danger.

iPhone Tracking Software Providers

There are a few leading software providers in the market today. Each has benefits and merits. For instance, Mobile Spy is the Grandfather of the apps; and with great tech support, it remains a well respected app to track iPhone use. On the high end you find Stealth Genie and Mobistealth. Each is full of features with a higher price. Spy Bubble is low tech with a low price for someone just looking for simplicity. Phone Sheriff is geared towards parental control, although Flexispy leans more towards spouse spying and is very advanced.

How to Track an iPhone Using GPS

What if you need to know how to track an iPhone location? iPhone tracking using GPS allows you to know when and where the iPhone is. This could be useful for tracking mobile employees or children.

How to Track an iPhone Benefits of using GPS tracking apps include:

  • viewing the current location of the phone
  • viewing the history of where the phone has been within a given time period
  • setting boundaries to receive alerts when the phone moves beyond certain locations
  • setting boundaries of prohibited areas to receive alerts when the phone goes into those areas

Using GPS tracking allows you to follow the phone in real time, which means you see them move as they actually take the route. Most apps update within 30 minutes.

The one problem you would have is how to track an iPhone without an app reliant on GPS. If the GPS on the phone is disabled, or not functioning where the phone is, tracking is useless; thus the app becomes useless. Enter the use of SMS apps.

How to track an iPhone That’s Been Lost or Stolen

I need to track my iPhone. iPhone tracking can be done from either a computer or another phone as long as your phone has the software on it. To track iPhone locations or use simply download the software of choice onto the phone and set it up. If the phone comes up missing, go to your account page for the software and look for the phone or information about the use of your phone to tell you where it may be.

If you have no such software installed on an iPhone 4 the problem of how to track an iPhone 4 is simplified by a free online service from Apple called iCloud. Within this service is a feature called “Find My Phone” which sends out a signal to locate your phone, then tells you via SMS or email where it is.

Using these features is a simple process. Each one can be utilized from a web browser so access is available anywhere. So if you loose your iPhone, get it stolen, have children with iPhones or have employees who use company iPhones you can quickly figure out how to track an iPhone.

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